Friday, September 26, 2014

Fall is here!

             This morning as I woke up, I found that my windows were open and a cool sweet breeze had swept in. I shivered but couldn't help but smile as the sweet crisp air of a good rain greeted me! A long awaited rain finally came to us over in California. I've been dying in this heat, and with my calanderreading that it is now fall, i had been angered my the sun's annoying persistance to keep shinning. I need my fall rain!

               Today's blog write, I will be plainly stating my reasons for why I sincerely love fall.

              When fall comes: The leaves from the trees begin to crinkle as they slowly fall from the trees, creating a crunchy pathway for me to walk on. The big oak trees begin dropping acorns.  Stores begin to sell Halloween decorations and big fat kid bags of candy.

                The tastes of fall: When fall comes, so does the delicious tastes of fall. The warm foods begin to come. Stews, soups and noodles fill the kitchen with steam, warming you up as the rain freezes your hands. Bisciuts and turkey and green beans heat up in the later months of fall, as family comes in and noise echos through the house. The endless supply of candy you've collected over Halloween.

            The smells of fall: The strong smell of pumpkin guts as you carve your pumpkin. It's smell overpowers your nostrils as you clean the inside of the soon to be jack-o-lantern. While inside you light a small candle in your room. Both the smell of smoke and the clean smell of apple-cinnamon fills the house. Such a warm smell!

              The touch of fall: Rain drops falling on your face as you eagarly head outside to jump in puddles. It's cool touch chills your skin as the breeze begins to blow by. Or the coolness of night as you hunt down door to door for more candy as you trick or treat. Or the sticky, gross, feeling of the insides of a pumpkin as you carve it.

              The sounds of fall: A hard rain on your patio roof. The snapping of burning logs in a fireplace. The laughter of family members. Trick or Treaters running down the streets. Cool jazz inside a Starbucks. Charlie Brown.

           The style of fall: Thick sweatshirts and socks go along with your cozy pj pants as you curl up in your bed. Boots and gloves begin to show as you walk outside. Beanies and hats and scarves!

                And lastly, the refreshing feeling you get, when you take in a deep breath and your
                                          lungs fill with that super cold air. Ah, fall at last!

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