Saturday, July 19, 2014

The leasons Ellie Fredrickson taught us.

  Up, a heartwarming Pixar film. With it's sweet and innocent beginning, showing us the truth of life. Though there were many troubles and mishaps, the man and woman stayed together, till death do us part. For those of you who haven't watched the film, I will quickly say what it is about (at least the beginning part). Boy meets girl in what I'm guessing is the nineteen forties. They soon become childhood friends and as life goes on, they become childhood sweethearts. Wedding bells ring and the two now have started a life together. And through all of life's mishaps, the couple just keep on through it. Eventually though, life does catch up to us, and the wife passes away, leaving the husband alone in this present day world of gadgets and construction.

  Now that you have an idea, I'd like you to meet the wife, or the female character in this film. Though her part was small, she gave us a better love story than most romance films. Her name is Ellie, and we meet her as a young child. the young boy and girl long to become explorers and fly down to Paradise Falls in South America.
Through their friendship, Ellie definitely is the defender of her friend. With her strong
willed attitude and friendliness toward the boy, he finds himself drawn more and more near to her. She teaches us not to judge someone, but to be a friend to all who need one. And she also gives us a good picture of true beauty. though her teeth are not the straightest and her hair is a bit crazy, she doesn't let that get in her way. This is who she is, and she wears it proudly, and I think that's a great message to us girls.
As life goes on, she and the boy do get married. Even though they never made it to
Paradise Falls like they had imagined as kids, they still plan on pursuing that dream. Saving spare change in a little jar, the two hope to someday make it to their dream location. But, as I said, life happens and money is needed, So their Paradise Falls jar is often used for other things. As they continue to re-create a new jar, things keep happening and the jar keeps on getting emptied.
But as life continues, thoughts of Paradise Falls are put aside as news of Ellie's
unable to have children, their jobs, and other life moments. Paradise seems out of reach, until one day, the husband buys two tickets for Paradise Falls, hoping to surprise his wife. But the two have both grown very old now, and Ellie is put into the hospital, where she eventually dies.
Now to lighten that downer mood, let's get back to how Ellie teaches us. Throughout their married life, Ellie was always upbeat and always willing to lend a hand, even on her wedding day.
And I think that's how a wife should be for her husband. Always there, and always supportive. She also was still the defender and outgoing person toward her husband. even when it came to jobs, she too got one in the same place he had, him a balloon stand seller and she, a bird zookeeper, both working at the same zoo. Though they never talked through this movie in their later years, I do feel that Ellie would be a very good person to talk to. She has a lot of knowledge and I think she'd be a good person to go to for confidence. Her spirit wasn't always this hopeful however. During their marriage, she comes to find that she can't have children, and for any woman, that news is always hard. But for her, this really dampens her spirit, and for once, her husband is their as her defender and as her source of confidence.
Throughout their lives, Ellie always had her "Adventure Book." Though it was filled
with innocent dreams of going to Paradise Falls, her husband finds out that she had added more. Within the back pages of the book, she had added a new adventure. Pictures from their past and early years of marriage were tapped to the pages. And at the end she wrote,  "Thanks for the adventure, now go have a new one!"
And I think that goes for all of us. Though our visions and wants are sometimes never fulfilled,
we still should admire what we had (have). She showed us how to enjoy the little things in life, and though she never went to Paradise Falls, her life with her husband was even more enjoyable. And I think that's what we ought to do.
What she taught us:
Loving Others
To be happy, despite the results
Work Hard
Apply Yourself
Appreciate what you Have