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Hello! My name is Rigby64. I'm a gamer, a drawer, cat lover and now a blogger. A good friend of mine pleaded me to join her in this blogging world, and so I did. We have our own blogs and our one shared blog, Fandom Alliance 64, which a collab of geeklings and nerds who post nerdy little goodies each month.

  Anywho, for those of you still reading, I'd like to explain more of who I am, rather than just my likes. First off, I am a Baptist. I always have been and though times can be hard, I always go toward him. Because God is the ultimate power source. Secondly, I am a believer in modesty. Though my generation seems to jump over this word, "modesty", I invite it. I try everything there is to making modesty something every girl wants. Next, I am a fan of all things geek. I may not know everything that goes about in Comic Con, or the Marvel world, but I am a strong fan to these things. Whether it be collectibles, actors, games, I am good at those, but I may lack some geek skills... sadly.

  And quickly, I will give you 10 things about me..(in case you needed more to know).....

*My favorite music usually comes from the 1940's to the 90's. (mostly rock from the 60's)

 *I'm seriously one of the pickiest eaters ever.

*I honestly think cats are the best animal in the whole world.

*History was my favorite subject.

*I love to draw

*Children's books are my favorite to read, (the giving tree, if you give a pig a pancake)

*I have always wanted to work at Disneyland as a character, preferably Alice.                                       

* I have a desire for vintage fashion and items. I love owning anything vintage.

*Sorry, but I defend Loki throughout the Thor films and Avengers.

*I hope this blog brightens your day, helps you out, inspires you, or just is something you can enjoy.

                       Please follow along and I hope to hear from you folks!

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