Tuesday, April 14, 2015

The Love Stories People Want to Hear.

       So I've been seeing all sorts of love themed stories and films revolving around the common themes. Tell me if any of these sound familiar..

"A young casual girl, stuck in her day to day life stumbles upon a guy who is so far from her
typical life style. And through him, she experiences adventure, excitement, lust, and true love."
"When a girl begins working for a high class rich snob who treats her like dirt; she thinks nothing can get any worse. That is until she sees his true side and comes to find that love was there all along."
Yeah, they all fall into the same lines and endings. Obviously, however, these
generic story lines must be working because all these types of movies keep coming out. It's the perfect recipe for crummy acting, short easy plots, lots of money, lots of Oscars, and ultimately another boring romance story.

From what I can capture from today's love stories, people want these themes:

Easy Access :  To make transportation / financial decisions / spending / and really an access towards a wide open world. You want an expensive car? Make the characters insanely rich. Want to travel the world without means to how they could afford it? Have the characters wealth be from a long family inheritance.

Bitter - Sweet Love Story : People want that rivalry or bitterness between the girl and boy. A sort of enemy story for the first part, but in the end, the two find that they actually do love each other.

and lastly..

Stupidity : Always, always, always, there is one in the mix that is just so dumbly oblivious towards the others' love interest in them that when they're told they just are so flabbergasted. It's annoying and stupid and is used far too much within many books and shows of today.

As for the many popular love stories of today, many lack this sort of innocence. This word
"innocence" is used so rarely today. There was a time were love stories were developed slowly, creating a deeper back story and build up to the final kiss or attraction. But we live in a world of quick satisfaction, immediate connections. But what happened to making a love story more than just lustful moments, quick hook ups, and an unsure feeling with each relationship?

If you really think about it, these shows, books, and connections are in a continuous trap
of boring old love scenarios. It's speed through, nothing is thought out or preciously timed.
The most beautiful love stories are ones that take time. Ones that are made off of friendship.
Ones that are relatable. Require sacrifice. And most of all, are innocent.
Reasoning why? Well, for one thing, these traits describe a couple that
are best friends (usually) and show a developing affection. Usually, a friendship can create a relationship that is built on respect and trust. They've seen your ups and downs, your family and friends, so they know that inside part of you already.
Secondly, a relationship builds up better this way. Being in a friendship, then taking it
to a serious relationship can (and should be) nice and slow, getting to know these holding hand gestures, hugging and all that bleh romance stuff. But because they're already your friend, these moments have been waiting and have been built up, so when they do happen, they're genuine. Making them much more special.
My best examples :
An older couple who have survived through war and life's problems
Childhood Sweethearts who have stuck together
An innocent courtship
 People like to see a character grow, and especially in a relationship. It's like
watching a kid grow up, you see it all unfold. But sadly, on most of todays romance novels and shows, it's all about fast lustful action. Meeting strangers and just going out for the heck of it. No thought went into any of it. And usually they end up pulling the, 'Oh gosh! I was drunk! Who are you!?' line. Ugh, it's just stupid. And honestly, saddening to know that so many relationships come from true events such as this.
But there is hope, there is still lovely moments to be held in both
real and fictional life. And if anything, this should just make us strive to really make these moments in our life special.
And have a love story worth telling.