Saturday, May 17, 2014

Keeping it Vintage.

       From what society says, apparently vintage clothing is coming back in style. And by vintage, they mostly mean a 50's style of fashion. I've seen a few things in stores that do have a very vintage feel to them, but then I see things like this:


Now these outfits are all things I could see in Forever21s, or just on younger

ladies of today. These would be labeled vintage, but to me they are far from it. Though they contain an essence of a 50's style gown or pattern, they are nothing like the original 50's or 60's gowns. In the 50's, the style was quite diverse from the 40's. Instead of tight fitted gowns, they moved onto very widened skirted gowns. They usually added an underskirt to add more volume to their gowns. This emphasized their hip shape and tightened their waist. And if you weren't wearing flared gowns and skirts, you could be wearing a pencil skirt that reached your knee (unlike the outfits above). If you were to wear any sort of pants, they usually were high waist and had many front buttons, same goes for shorts.
These three outfits I found were each being sold on Etsy by this little lady here,
Now I'm not sure if she made these herself, but she and I both believe on keeping the true vintage look alive. Now these three outfits are what I chose to show the difference between the "vintage look of today" and the "true vintage look". And as you can see, big difference. Are the styles of today more based on the 60's? Lets see!
Again, keeping with the "vintage of the day" styles, the 60's are a wee bit closer to
what I see as today's vintage look. With the flower power beginning to 'blossom', people began buying all the floral they could find. A new style that was starting to change  was being skinny. Unlike the 40's and 50's, the 60's started to think being skinny was more feminine and sheik. So instead of focusing on your hips by having the pants or shorts higher waist, they now were just at your waist. Many skirts however, from what I saw, stayed at the high waist.
So I think as far as vintage styles go for today, I'd say there
ideas are.... 5/10. I give them this because I have had my moments where I have really liked the pastel colored dresses I see at Target or JCPenny. But there are other times where what's considered "vintage" just makes me terribly sad. They have made just too many whoopsi~daisies in their designs. Overall though, I am happy that essences of our past styles are returning. I just hope they get better at really making it look as if it were from those times.

Till next time!
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Friday, May 16, 2014

These are a few of my favorite things!


    We all have our simple pleasures, whether it be a sweet treat, a book, a certain song. We all have our top favorite things. And I thought about these, long and hard, and decided out of these categorizes, that these items are my top favorite things.

            I feel like I shouldn't apply "book" to one of my favorite things, because compared to some, I am just an amateur. A sad amateur. But out of the few books I've read, this one has blown all others away. This one even made me cry (that's how good it was)! Ladies and Gentlemen, "The Book Theif". I'll put a link for it's description at the bottom. But this book was a great read! I'm not a big reader as I said, so for me to say that I made it through this thick book, is a big deal! I highly recommend it to anyone and those of you who are deeply into World War Two.                   

               My guilty sweet tooth pleasure would have to be the classic chocolate chip cookie. I cannot resist them, and now that I've perfected my recipe I now can make them for myself.
 DANGER DANGER! I really try hard not to have them too often, but when I do I pig out I'm sad to say. But who really can resist these bad boys?

                Rain. Just give me a rainy day and I'm set. Something about that cool air and the smell of wet concrete just gives me goosebumps! And add my favorite chocolate chip cookies... sweet perfection!

              As a past Californian, I'd say one of my favorite places was Sacramento, the state capitol. With it's old brick buildings and cute knick knack shops full of nerdy goodies and vintage apparel, I'm in shopping heaven! Of course, my heart also clings to Disneyland. My inner child goes crazy there as a see all the characters! And who could forget the Indiana Jones ride!

             I have so many people I appreciate! Many though have passed on, though many still live on today such as my number one favorite human being, Paul McCartney. The bassist of the greatest band, The Beatles, and now a hero of rock n' roll music. I love him so much! If I'm not on a music streak, I'm appreciating the great actor, Tom Hiddleston! I've come to discover that not only is he extremely good with his acting, but also his personality. He's such a kind and amazing person, and I'd love to have him as a bff. As far as female role models go, my appreciation goes out to the true beauty, Audrey Hepburn. Not only did she teach us to love ourselves, but she also taught us what true beauty is. Being a humble servant to mankind by donating your time to helping others.

     Some of the best things I've been privileged to see are small things. Things people wouldn't normally call amazing. Ex. I've seen was a kind act done by a middle aged man. He pulled over to the curb to help some struggling ducklings up to the sidewalk to their mother. The ducklings chirped to the man as he picked each one up. Now this sounds like a small thing, but in this world, it's a huge thing to see someone do a small act of kindness.
         I love the sound of rain. As I said before, I do love rain and the sound of it is so soothing. I also love the sound of our old house fan. It too was a soothing sound and was a great sound muffler during the night.

     One thing about the human species that I love so much is how we all hold little things like this, so close to us. We smile at these little things, because to us, these things bring back or hold special memories or feelings. Thus giving us a feeling of calmness, or excitement, or true happiness. I've read about a man living in a retirement home. His communications and emotions were very closed off from the staff. People gave him desserts and other treats to get him out of his very down attitude. But not until they gave him his own MP3 player with his personal favorites, that he began perking up. His eyes lit up as the music played through the headphones. He began singing along and he began speaking more to the staff. So like I've said before, enjoy the little things. Share your likes with others and lighten up others' days.

The Book Thief:

Thursday, May 15, 2014

Times like these.

   Lately I've been undergoing something I'd like to call my "Insane Brain,". During this time, my mind is thrown through three different thinking processes. One being my mature side, two being my scared side, and one being my quitter side. As the mature side tries to perk everyone else up, trying to pre-pair  them for those big life moments, my other two sides crank up the confusion. Thus releasing total madness.

    And I think my biggest fear of right now is age. I'm caught in a game of tug-of-war with my innocent young self pleading me to stay where it's safe and familiar. While grown up me is tugging me to began my life and try new things. While me in the middle is ripping in the middle.                                  
I find myself always pondering either side. And I think for many in my age bracket,
this is a huge issue. We long for freedom, but when the road seems unfamiliar, we run back for cover. For many of my friends, this doesn't seem to be an issue. So I am trapped in my little bubble, unable to share my inner feelings. And as far as family goes, they're no help either. Because of this "insane brain", your family is unfamiliar, your issues from when you were 5 are far different now.
And that's were I stop thinking. My nerves go spiral in my noggin, and
I'm realizing that I've thought about age far too hard. I'm not sure if others get this way, I assume so. Though we are all different, we all share the struggles of change. And overtime, we overcome the change. We overcome the fear of that change.
I feel that if I focused on all the change that's happened in my life I'd
be in one of those big white squishy rooms while I'm strained up. This just goes to show that I am one that over thinks to much. I'm also one who is not good with change. For example. I was horribly saddened when the Trix cereal was changed from flower shapes to circles.
Yeah it's sad.
One way that I've gotten over this aging~change is my sisters. Being
the middle child, I have both an older sister to share more mature moments with, while I'm still able to watch my childhood cartoons with my little sister. I also have found another way to look at this change. I've decided to appreciate the moment, and not let this chapter of my life fly by. For those of you reading this, and who are feeling the same way, just know you're not alone. We're both feeling it right now, and it is a bummer. But let's both work on improving that. And find the good stuff of being our age.