Tuesday, March 8, 2016

A New Year/ A New Class/ A New..... me? Maybe?

    So it has come to my attention that this blog is my every other month ventor-sharing-write up. I hold in all these moments and feelings and then WHAM, I come back here and write them all down. I think it's my way of just draining all this exhausted stress and emotions that are gnawing at my mind. I can't quite complain all that much... well I'm sure I could think of something, but let's try keeping positive shall we?

    I believe my last post was a poem/little random write I did about two months ago. And since then, we've crossed into a new year! I've seen Star Wars, I've gotten only one good class for college, I've been learning to drive, I've seen my ex get a new girlfriend, I've seen my best friend end her long time relationship. I've gotten that gap between my thighs back (woohoo), and lastly, I've seen my niece laugh.

    I could end it there; but what fun would that be? Truth is, overall, I can see this year in two ways: first way, is the road to success way. This path takes me down to getting my license, getting a job, getting those classes, and just getting things together. The other scenario is just a path that looks like where I'm at currently. Still stuck, still scared, still not going anywhere. And it would hurt me so much to think of myself in the same spot I'm at now, in a year. Life is meant to be lived in the fullest.

    However, this means I need many things to pack into my "POSSITIVE CAMPER BACKPACK,".
Such as:
[ A Calm Spirit ]
[A lack of fear when it comes to asking questions]
[A Reason]
[Many Deep Breaths]
[A Realization that this is not the end of the world]
       Like I've mentioned in previous posts, I'm not sure who's reading these posts, but if you're out there, know you're not the only stressed out female/male/human. And here's the best advice I can give you. This advice, does not mean be a slacker or not motivated. But more-so, to know these things are only minor. My advice is, "So What?"
          "So What?"
if I have an F on this paper..
*If you get a bad grade; learn from it. Don't let it fail you completely.*
"So What?"
if I don't have a flat stomach..
*I can work out, or eat better, or embrace this. Learn to love my body.*
"So What?"
if I currently don't have friends..
*That doesn't mean you're unlikeable, just get out there and explore. Others will see your happiness and want to be inspired like you.