Thursday, January 8, 2015

London Calling.

     So a few of you might have read my 'I need to see Paris' blog awhile back, and as I look at that list, it inspired me to write more. Because honestly, there are so many places I'd love to visit someday. (I need to become a travel agent or something)

     And as we're over in the Europe area, it lead me over towards England! I find it funny how my ancestors from so long ago wanted to leave England, and now I want so badly to go there. I don't know what it is about that small little country, but I love the people that come out of there, I love the music, the accents, the properness, the oldness and historical sense of it. My grandma always loved collecting photos and watching documentaries on the many beautiful castles that lay throughout England, and I think it's her love of England that rubbed off on me.

     My all time favorite band also took their first steps to fame in here. The Beatles, the best band of all time started and spread throughout England, sprouting in a little town of Liverpool. And now, all the legendary landmarks are there for people like me to go and explode with excitement.

                                 So here is my list of ten things I'd do over in England.
                                        (For both fun and educational purposes)

                                                1. Ride on of those big red buses.
2. Visit the British Museum in London Borough of Camden.
3. Take a picture outside the Cavern Club with John Lennon.
4. Go on the Magical Mystery Tour.
5. Have tea at tea time. (Pinky's up!)
6. Visit Portmeirion in Wales.
7.  Visit the Stonehenge.

                                    8. Visit platform 9 3/4 at the king's cross station London.
                                                      9. Hiking around the Lake District
                                        10.  Use one of the red phone booths to call family.

                Those of you who are from the U.K., I have two things to say to you. One: I envy you! Two: Did I leave any important places or activities off my list? Let me know below.  Of course though, this is just my own list and only basing my list off of films and photos, I don't know the true amazing things to do in England or in Paris. I'm just a girl with hopes for the future. Anyway, that's it for now. Till next write,