Thursday, December 11, 2014

Christmas Time Blues...

     Now, I know that Christmas is a time of cheer and giving. But are there any of you out there who are feeling a bit lonely on Christmas? Like, for some reason you're just not feeling that *poof* of magic Christmas air or something. It is shown in so many movies and t.v. commercials, the perfect Christmas. And though I am a very lucky and fortunate person who can enjoy Christmas with the family, I still feel like Charlie Brown.
And even in the Charlie Brown episode, Lucy, one of the kids, tells him that the only way to
get out of his holiday gloom is to become more involved with a Christmas project. So I have, and I actually have for many years at my church. But instead of feeling helpful, I get anxious and dread the performances I help out at.
So I look at the other Christmas traditions. Maybe I feel lonely cause I'm single, but then
again, I don't have much interest in the whole Christmas couple bit, though I do hate having the constant flair in my face from friends.
I think what I'm facing is age. I've been shot with the needle of reality, seeing what Christmas
brings out in the young adult life. Froo~froo romance, expensive gifts, over the top stress giving Christmas shows, and overall the loss of Christmas excitement.
But this is what I think I've learned from these Christmas time blues, I've fallen into
the trap of man-maid happiness. The false screen that shows us pictures of gifts under the tree, the hungry child devouring to open them. And of course, they receive a toy, or a game system, or some item of current desire. And this goes for adults too. One minute this gift is just pure and utter bliss, but in a few months, years, that gift is given away, broken, not worth looking at. These are gifts only a man can give.
The true happiness that I'm expecting, is only from one gift.
And the true meaning of Christmas.... 
I know now, that I've been missing the true meaning, and that is why I've been so
disappointed like a greedy little child every year. I can't expect such a high from mere manmade gifts. For the true gift is worth more, and never runs out, never leaves you bored, and will always fulfill your needs. And that's what I needed this Christmas.

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

My personal favorite couples.

            So as far as my movie watching goes, I've evolved from my child favorites toward some more romantic chick flick type films. Now I am not an absolute fan of the genre, but out of the few I've seen, I've developed a definite love for some of these adorable couples. As long as film couples go, there are also real life couples that I admire and feel like they too should be on the list. And these couples aren't picked not so much for just their dedication to one another, but also their story, how they met and so on. So without further adu, here are my picks! All the names are links, in case you'd like more information on that film or person!

                                                        Edward Bloom & Sandra Templeton
        The first couple that pop into my mind are the adorable Edward and Sandra from "Big Fish". The two are very dedicated and just so loving toward one another. Their background starts at a carnival, there Edward sees her amongst the crowd of people. At that moment, Edward had to meet her and find her, saying, "I'm gonna spend every day for the rest of my life looking for her. That, or die alone!" So hearing that, you can hear the didication he already has towards Sandra. When he finally finds her after working years to get information from the carnival owner, she's at college and though she thinks he's sweet, she's already engaged. He won't give up though, through his kind acts, he slowly wins her heart and she finds that this stranger loves her more than her fiance. The two grow old together, facing the war, children, and just life. Definitely one of my biggest favorites.

                                                                   Fred Astaire & Ginger Rogers

              Though these two never did actually marry or "date" pursay, the two did share many kisses on the screen, creating a beautiful duo. The two had made a total of ten films together, most relating toward the theme of musicals. Not only were their voices perfect together, but the real perfection came when the two danced. With Fred's quick movements, it seemed like noone could keep up with him, but, Ginger was always right behind him following along beside him. The two were a classic, making several memorable songs together which have inspired many people in the musical industries.

Another duo from around the same decade as Fred and Ginger are Mickey and Judy. These
two did "date", but I believe it was just a publicity scheme. But like Fred and Ginger, these two held  deep friendship and respect toward one another, a true pair of best friends. The two were in nine movies together, each film differing from the other. From musicals to comedies, these two did it all together. And even as the years faded the duo apart, I feel like they never could truly forget about one another.
One of my favorite films to watch far too much is Penelope, a modern day fairytale about
a cursed family and a marrige that could break that curse. As the curse says, the daughter will be born with the face of a pig and till 'one of her own kind' learns to love her will the curse be broken. And sadly, Penelope gets the cusre. So once she hit eighteen, her mother began trying to find the perfect suitor that will love Penelope as their own, despite her appearance. And the one to do so is Max Campion. The two meet after the other suitors leave quickly and Max speaks with her through a thick mirror, allowing Penelope to see him but he can't see her. But, I won't spoil anything for you guys! You'll just have to see the film!
So that's it for now, maybe I'll try to find some more to add to my list! Till next write!
 Other amazing couples that I love are....

Friday, October 3, 2014

The Book Thief (Film)

         For those of you who haven't read, "The Book Theif," I do warn you to stop reading. This is a review and my thoughts on the film,
and though the film and movie are a wee different, I still don't want to spoil anything that this amazing story has to offer. If you are interested in knowing about the film or book, here is a link:

I'm not very sure how many of you reading this have actually read this amazing book.
But for those of you who have, I hope you are fully aware that they've made a film of it! I was a bit skeptical about it. Because if you're like me, you crave perfection in these films. After reading such a powerful book, you have these images in your head of what you want, how you want it, and in short, you've written the film in your head. And again, if you are like me, and your ideas are not up to standards with how the film portrayed the book, your brain just turns to hate.
In this case, I was looking for everything. I wanted exactly what i imagined in my head to come
true. And though the film did leave out a few things, I was just as amazed with the film than with the book. The characters fit and the story still hung strong.
I never like to admit being wrong, though I have had to a lot of times. And I am now having to
say it again, I was wrong. Before I had seen the film, I had every intention of being a snob and sticking my nose up at it. Claiming that the book is far more superior than it's film. But frankly, I was wrong.  It was a perfect cast and beautiful set. All bringing togetherthe story of Liesel. And even down to the voice of Death, they nailed it.
And my last rant before watching the movie is that I swore it wouldn't make me cry as hard as
the book did. ...... Again, and again, I was wrong. Thankfully my friend had recently bought me some tissues and now they are gone. For some of you, maybe you got through this film without crying, but this story hits me hard every time. Whether I be reading it or watching it, "The Book Thief," shall remain on of my favorites for a long, long time.
Quotes from The Book Thief


Friday, September 26, 2014

Fall is here!

             This morning as I woke up, I found that my windows were open and a cool sweet breeze had swept in. I shivered but couldn't help but smile as the sweet crisp air of a good rain greeted me! A long awaited rain finally came to us over in California. I've been dying in this heat, and with my calanderreading that it is now fall, i had been angered my the sun's annoying persistance to keep shinning. I need my fall rain!

               Today's blog write, I will be plainly stating my reasons for why I sincerely love fall.

              When fall comes: The leaves from the trees begin to crinkle as they slowly fall from the trees, creating a crunchy pathway for me to walk on. The big oak trees begin dropping acorns.  Stores begin to sell Halloween decorations and big fat kid bags of candy.

                The tastes of fall: When fall comes, so does the delicious tastes of fall. The warm foods begin to come. Stews, soups and noodles fill the kitchen with steam, warming you up as the rain freezes your hands. Bisciuts and turkey and green beans heat up in the later months of fall, as family comes in and noise echos through the house. The endless supply of candy you've collected over Halloween.

            The smells of fall: The strong smell of pumpkin guts as you carve your pumpkin. It's smell overpowers your nostrils as you clean the inside of the soon to be jack-o-lantern. While inside you light a small candle in your room. Both the smell of smoke and the clean smell of apple-cinnamon fills the house. Such a warm smell!

              The touch of fall: Rain drops falling on your face as you eagarly head outside to jump in puddles. It's cool touch chills your skin as the breeze begins to blow by. Or the coolness of night as you hunt down door to door for more candy as you trick or treat. Or the sticky, gross, feeling of the insides of a pumpkin as you carve it.

              The sounds of fall: A hard rain on your patio roof. The snapping of burning logs in a fireplace. The laughter of family members. Trick or Treaters running down the streets. Cool jazz inside a Starbucks. Charlie Brown.

           The style of fall: Thick sweatshirts and socks go along with your cozy pj pants as you curl up in your bed. Boots and gloves begin to show as you walk outside. Beanies and hats and scarves!

                And lastly, the refreshing feeling you get, when you take in a deep breath and your
                                          lungs fill with that super cold air. Ah, fall at last!


Thursday, September 18, 2014

Sincerely, Anne Frank

    I didn't know what caused it, perhaps maybe through school it kicked in, but not until about seventh grade did I firmly grasp what World War Two was about. I new it was a big war, America was in it, and Hitler was definitely in the whole scene. But I lacked so much of what trul went on in World War Two. The many men and women and children who died in the pits of Jewish concentration camps, who died in the bomb attacks over in Poland, who died along the shores of France. So many beautifal and honest people gave or had their lives taken from them, in a brutal ambush of races and discrimination. A longing for a perfect race.

  I remember reading about Anne Frank in my english class. The way the story was written, was as if we were reading a play or script. With stage directions and scene intro directions. I was very into the story, but seeing the way it was written, I imaginged it being simply a play, a memory or made up story representing a possibility of WWII. I had no idea that Anne was real, that she actually went through the months and years of silence and secrecy. Never knowing if your hiding place would be found.

   Do any of you remember playing hide and seek when you were young? You'd find a place, behind or inside of something, like in your closet. You cover yourself with some blankets, trying to hide yourself even more. Your heart beats fast, you try to quiet your breathing as you wait. Listening and staying alert, for those sounds of feet approaching your hiding place. You bite your lip as you watch them get closer, and closer, you close your eyes tight, hoping they'll leave. And maybe they do, but most times, they don't.

   Now imagine a game of hide and seek, but where if you're found, you're thrown into a camp full of scrawny un-human looking people. Starving and cold, you strive to survive. Your body covered in your punishment for hiding, and now you are found. This became a constant thought for Anne and her family. I can't even fathome this feeling. Fearing for my life that strongly, hiding away for years, praying that this war will end. But see, Anne was different.

   Despite this horrid nerve racking circumstance, Anne was still her happy self. Trying to keep the normalness of her past life, in her now crampt small world. Applying her favorite actors and actresses on her wall with tape, and keeping her attitude up. I'd imagine if i were in there along with Anne, i would have yelled at her many times to calm her attitude way down. I'd be on edge, fearful, and not in the mood for happy thoughts. And yet, she still kept going.

  I believe a big reason in this was her father. He tried to see the best for his family, and tried his hardest to maintain a normal life for his family. Though this new living situation was far from normal, he had them all continue their normal routines, school, chores, keeping a maintained bedroom and to obey his rules. The family got along well following these rules, and when another Jewish family arrived, they too were fine with the rules. Sometimes.

    As we all know, Anne did not survive WWII, but sadly in a died concentration camp months before the war was ending. The family was discovered by German soldiers, and later seperated into different camps.  Anne described this as a somewhat of a relief, no more envisioning that door opening wide, no more fear of their secret being found. And when she did arrive at the camp, she endured terrible treatment. Her hair was shaven off due to bugs, she grew skinny and weak. But she continued to look on the brighter side, trying to keep her sister's and her own chin up. Other Jewish women describe her as fearless, not afraid to still show happiness despite her situation. But when she witnessed her sister die, I believe this is when the happiness, could not cover things anymore.

     Soon after, she became depressed. Fearing that all her family was gone. And that she was alone in this. She died there in the camps, never being able to see the Americans who came months later. And she neer was able to find out she was not alone. Her father had managed to make it through the war, hoping to see his family once again, but was later told that both his daughters and wife had died.


    Though her story holds much cold truths of war and its destruction, this is a story that has been an inspiration. A key to the past, an insider's look to how it was. And a warning to the future, a warning of what rage and hatred can lead to.

     Anne dreamt and wrote many times that se wanted to make a difference, wanted to be a writer and change the world with her stories. And though she didn't live to see them become that, through her death, her writes became treassures. She became a writer, she became someone who changed the world. And now she is a brave woman of war. And I pay my deepest respects towards her.

                                                            In Memory of all
                                                               who passed
                                                             away in WWII.

Thursday, September 11, 2014

Seriously.. what happened?

      So has anyone noticed the funk our generation  has dug America into? With our dresses only covering as much as a shirt, our insane prices on things, our music with it's horrid lyrics and beat, it just goes on and on. Now I know it's not only our generation that these factors apply. If you go back into the 90's, 80's, 70's, 60's, it still shows. But notice the actions have increased way more in this time than back then.

      So my question is, what happened!? My thoughts take us to where I think it first started, the 1920's. A revolution of the first teen revolts. They revolted on clothing, ripping and trimming their traditional long gowns along with their long hair. Girls wanted more, to be apart of the fun and filth the men had at local bars and gang groupings. That's another thing that began, gangs. More violence, robberies, lack of respect toward the private property.

     Let's fast forward 30 years after WWII, where the 50's began to sprout. After years of wars, America was ready to re-start. Companies grew, businesses began making "want" items like, televisions, fridges, ovens, drive in's, fast food, themeparks. It was a time of pleasures and wants, easy living since the times of war. Teens had become more loose since the 20's, street racing began, drugs, early drinking. Though for today their clothing seemed modest and very cute, back then it was still a shock to the older community who had grown in the 20's or 10's.

    Ten years later and we approach the 60's. Now as much as I love this time period, believing that it was the seed of all things good, it surely wasn't. Teens continued to revolt, and drugs had reached a higher market than ever before. Schools and private properties were vandalized. Dresses had become tighter and shorter, sending the now openness of sex-appeal. And this is what I believe was the worst crime overall, the disrespect of soldiers. Now though many back then and today disagree on the whole Vietnam War, I still believe that it is our duty, as Americans, to honor our troops despite our opinions, these are men and women risking their lives for ours and other's freedom.

     The 70's were along the same boat as the 60's, so no need to review that chapter. But lets skip ahead to the 80's. Now by this time, teens were loose. Feeling that they were adults, they made adult decisions. The 50's is were it began and carried on. Teen pregnancy. A thing which still carries on today, a little too much.  Clothing of this time carried on the short style of the 60's, revealing more and more skin. Also, this is were the music gets bad.. By this time, rap music was now a thing to listen to. Though rap was only a mere catchy beat and about three guys yelling to it, it really had no outstanding qualities or words. But when the 90's came, we took it to a whole new level.

    The 90's. A great time, but a bad one as well. Television began showing more PG-13 shows, sending the violence, adult themes, and other bad influences to the young innocent eyes of kids. Though not all parents just openly watched these programs, back in these days, childlock was not an item among the 6 channeled television. Giving an open eye to anything. Getting back to the music factor, rap and loud mouthed pop songs began hitting the charts, giving teens horrible words to hear and influence their lives. And of course, drugs, drinking, pregnancies, disrespect, and vandalism were all still kept well intact with the teen world.

                               Which brings us to today. Now we know what happened.
  • We lost innocence: giving into the world of sexual clothing, looks and tackiness.
  • We lost discipline: falling into the pit of low punishment for bad behavior and actions.
  • We lost our health: loosing ourselves to drugs, drinking, and moral.
  • We lost our modesty: openly giving our love and gifts to anyone.
  • We lost our respect: toward our soldiers, families, and country.
  • We lost ourselves: not remembering the founders and challenges of forming America.

      It makes me sad to see these topics. A once great nation, brought down to such disrespect from it's youth. Being a teenager of America used to be a good thing. Being a teenager in general used to be a good thing. But now, I am embarrassed to be labeled as one. To be in the same age bracket as these gang members, disrespectful girls, and just immature people. I do not hat being an American though, for I know what was done to form this great country, and I am very honored to be apart of it. But I ask those who are reading this, please, please, please reconsider yourself. The world is sick of these poor acts, we're all tired of seeing these rapes, murders, crimes on television. We're tired of hearing the bad words on the radio.

    As the youth of America, we hold the future, and we desperately need to fix this problem now before it is to late. So don't give into the junk of today, rise above it ad be the better teen.

(Now, for those of you who disproved of my write, that is fine. We all hold difference in opinion. And for those of you who are hating on me for hating on rap. Well fix the lyrics of todays rap and I'll be more up to caring about it. And for those of you who are under hard times, dealing with someone or you yourself who is under drugs or alcohol or had been through a teen pregnancy, please don't feel like I am hating on you. I know that hard times or experiences happen, and sometimes it's just to much for us teens to handle. Please know that I couldn't hate you! What I hate is how teen pregnancy, drug addicts and drunks are displayed so fondly on television. Though pregnancies are a great thin, it is not okay to promote teens to do that. We are too young to have to live our lives as parents already! Or to be in jail for drugs or alcohol.)

Monday, August 18, 2014

Seeing Paul McCartney!

  So I've been dreaming and imagining and craving to see one, just one of the Beatles ever since I became their number one~ish fan. So I'm not their biggest probably, but I wanted so badly to see one at least once in my life. I was scared it might never happen, I'd seen Beatle Tribute bands, one which was surprisingly good, but I had a sickness, and the only cure was a real Beatle. So it came down to two of them, the two last living Beatles, Paul McCartney the bassest and Ringo Starr the drummer. I'd seen more so Paul's touring schedules, but never Ringo's, so I kept my eye out for Paul.

   Then, earlier this year I was dramatically surprised to hear that some family members pulled together and bought me a ticket to go see Paul at Candlestick Park in San Francisco. I was completely overwhelmed inside, though I gave a very pitiful reaction to the news (does anyone else feel this way to big news!?) So if any of you had heard, Paul recently played and closed Candlestick Park for good. The 49ers stadium is now history, along with the amazing concert that Paul played. I am so overwhelmed and truly greatful to have made it to such a historical moment.

And I got to see him shake his butt for us! haha.
      Not only was this my first time seeing a Beatle live, it was my first ever concert in my whole life. I'd never seen parking so crazy, fans so crazy, smell things so crazy in all of my life. At least for now. But my overall experience was one of pure happiness and a pinch of innocence. I was like a child meeting their idolized Disney character at Disneyland, mouth open, eyes wide, tears forming. Yeah, the whole enchilada. I was so nervous as we walked inside the stadium after our long wait for parking. Walking down the sides of the stadium toward our seats, then finding out that the people in front of us were going to be Jack n' the Boxes through out the whole concert.

    I felt like Rapunzel from Tangled, when she asks Flynn, "I've been looking out of a window for eighteen years, dreaming about what I might feel like when those lights rise in the sky. What if it's not everything I dreamed it would be?" He replies, "It will be." She smiles and asks again, "And what if it is? What do I do then?" Again he smiles, and again he answers, " Well, that's the good part I guess. You get to go find a new dream." I had such an uneasy feeling about the moment when Paul would come out on stage, what would I do? How would I react? Is this going to be everything I dreamt it to be? And like Flynn said to Rapunzel, "It will be," And it surely was.

     The music began to grow louder and the lights growing dimmer. It was about nine o'clock at night now, so the sky was very dark. I stood up with phone in hand, ready to record. I had sunglasses over my eyes since the stage lights were so bright. The crowd began to cheer as the lights on the stage turned off, my heart at this point was pounding loudly in my ears. A spotlight beamed on, and there waved Sir Paul McCartney, the large projector screens provided me a better glimpse of him, and I instantly began to cry loudly. I caught it on a video, my hand surprisingly keeping amazingly still. Like I said earlier, I was a child meeting their hero, and though we were far away from each other, I was alright with just being that near him. On top of all these emotions, the first song he plays is my favorite Beatle song, "Eight Days a Week,".

    I honestly can't thank my family enough for providing me such a huge gift. I will remember that night, both it's good and bads, forever. I also am so greatful to have been apart of a Beatle's historical event, along with the end of a great stadium, a home to the legendary 49ers.  This wasn't all, however. At the end of the concert, the blew two cannons of confetti from the stage way far off and as we sat waiting for the crowds to clear out,  we all watched as a small thin piece of confetti fluttered down all the way to the back of the stadium where we were. It was  seriously a forrest gump moment! And as we watched it, it just kept coming closer and closer till it literally could have landed in our laps. Instead though, it flew straight down two rows in front of us. I hustled over seats toward where I watched it fall, and I'm proud to say I rescued that little paper from drowning in a puddle of beer.

   It was soaked and I placed it on my hand as flat as I could so it would dry. And over all the merchandise I bought, that little paper that flew all the way from the stage toward the back, is the most important to me. It now sits, dry in a Ziploc bag, safely away in a box. I look forward to sharing this treasure with friends and family, and possibly when I'm older, to share the memories of that day with my children and their children.

  I thank my family, for the opportunity, I thank God for our safe trip to and from San Francisco,  and I thank the Beatles for their music, which has kept me going through all of life's changes. Thank you Paul, for an amazing night.

Monday, August 11, 2014

I need to see Paris.

    I never realized it till about a few seconds ago that many of my beloved books, movies, and music comes from Paris. Through the screen of my television, I see only a square of a great city. It's lights, it's people, it's culture. I long to know why we see Paris as such a place of love, only a true Frenchman could tell me why. Or why the accordion is so connected to the sound of Paris. I could Google these questions, but I feel like I wouldn't get a satisfying answer; these things come from the people,  not a computer.

      It's strange the feelings I get when I look at Paris. Sometimes I feel like a hopeless romantic, awaiting a night on the town. Other times I feel as though I should run to my kitchen, blasting accordion music and creating boeuf bourguignon. But all of these feelings are caused by what I've seen of France, I see cooks, lovers, artists, creepy characters and detectives from the 60's. Sorry if you're French. But it's just like how we envision any place, such as New York. I've never been there, but I can imagine it being smoky, noisy, busy, but full of good shops, clothing, and people. I also imagine New York as a place of American History and leadership.

   So you see, we are all stereotyped from what we see most of our cultures. But why is it that I cling to France? Someday I hope to find out. As I've heard in an Audrey Hepburn film, I am never to carry a brief case or umbrella through Paris, and I'm to get myself some good light rain because that's when Paris smells it's sweetest.

   I've decided to do as she says, but I also long to create my own list for a first timer in Paris...

                         1.  Walk through Paris in the rain, wearing a thick coat and scarf.

                                                 2.Go down one of Paris's waterways.
                    3. Parade down the Daru Staircase like Audrey Hepburn did in Funny Face.

                                                      4. Watch an old French film.

                                                5. Paint at least once while you're there

                                               6.Say "Bonjour," to at least one stranger.

                                                      7.Stay somewhere with a balcony.
                                        8.Take a photo with at least one of the statues there.
                                                        9.Listen to an accordion player.
                                                      10.Go up the Eiffel tower at night.
Maybe someday I'll be able to pursue this list, or maybe one of you out there can achieve it
first. But for now, maybe I'll continue to add to this list, or maybe I'll be drawn to a whole new city, for now though, this is where I long to be!

Saturday, July 19, 2014

The leasons Ellie Fredrickson taught us.

  Up, a heartwarming Pixar film. With it's sweet and innocent beginning, showing us the truth of life. Though there were many troubles and mishaps, the man and woman stayed together, till death do us part. For those of you who haven't watched the film, I will quickly say what it is about (at least the beginning part). Boy meets girl in what I'm guessing is the nineteen forties. They soon become childhood friends and as life goes on, they become childhood sweethearts. Wedding bells ring and the two now have started a life together. And through all of life's mishaps, the couple just keep on through it. Eventually though, life does catch up to us, and the wife passes away, leaving the husband alone in this present day world of gadgets and construction.

  Now that you have an idea, I'd like you to meet the wife, or the female character in this film. Though her part was small, she gave us a better love story than most romance films. Her name is Ellie, and we meet her as a young child. the young boy and girl long to become explorers and fly down to Paradise Falls in South America.
Through their friendship, Ellie definitely is the defender of her friend. With her strong
willed attitude and friendliness toward the boy, he finds himself drawn more and more near to her. She teaches us not to judge someone, but to be a friend to all who need one. And she also gives us a good picture of true beauty. though her teeth are not the straightest and her hair is a bit crazy, she doesn't let that get in her way. This is who she is, and she wears it proudly, and I think that's a great message to us girls.
As life goes on, she and the boy do get married. Even though they never made it to
Paradise Falls like they had imagined as kids, they still plan on pursuing that dream. Saving spare change in a little jar, the two hope to someday make it to their dream location. But, as I said, life happens and money is needed, So their Paradise Falls jar is often used for other things. As they continue to re-create a new jar, things keep happening and the jar keeps on getting emptied.
But as life continues, thoughts of Paradise Falls are put aside as news of Ellie's
unable to have children, their jobs, and other life moments. Paradise seems out of reach, until one day, the husband buys two tickets for Paradise Falls, hoping to surprise his wife. But the two have both grown very old now, and Ellie is put into the hospital, where she eventually dies.
Now to lighten that downer mood, let's get back to how Ellie teaches us. Throughout their married life, Ellie was always upbeat and always willing to lend a hand, even on her wedding day.
And I think that's how a wife should be for her husband. Always there, and always supportive. She also was still the defender and outgoing person toward her husband. even when it came to jobs, she too got one in the same place he had, him a balloon stand seller and she, a bird zookeeper, both working at the same zoo. Though they never talked through this movie in their later years, I do feel that Ellie would be a very good person to talk to. She has a lot of knowledge and I think she'd be a good person to go to for confidence. Her spirit wasn't always this hopeful however. During their marriage, she comes to find that she can't have children, and for any woman, that news is always hard. But for her, this really dampens her spirit, and for once, her husband is their as her defender and as her source of confidence.
Throughout their lives, Ellie always had her "Adventure Book." Though it was filled
with innocent dreams of going to Paradise Falls, her husband finds out that she had added more. Within the back pages of the book, she had added a new adventure. Pictures from their past and early years of marriage were tapped to the pages. And at the end she wrote,  "Thanks for the adventure, now go have a new one!"
And I think that goes for all of us. Though our visions and wants are sometimes never fulfilled,
we still should admire what we had (have). She showed us how to enjoy the little things in life, and though she never went to Paradise Falls, her life with her husband was even more enjoyable. And I think that's what we ought to do.
What she taught us:
Loving Others
To be happy, despite the results
Work Hard
Apply Yourself
Appreciate what you Have

Saturday, May 17, 2014

Keeping it Vintage.

       From what society says, apparently vintage clothing is coming back in style. And by vintage, they mostly mean a 50's style of fashion. I've seen a few things in stores that do have a very vintage feel to them, but then I see things like this:


Now these outfits are all things I could see in Forever21s, or just on younger

ladies of today. These would be labeled vintage, but to me they are far from it. Though they contain an essence of a 50's style gown or pattern, they are nothing like the original 50's or 60's gowns. In the 50's, the style was quite diverse from the 40's. Instead of tight fitted gowns, they moved onto very widened skirted gowns. They usually added an underskirt to add more volume to their gowns. This emphasized their hip shape and tightened their waist. And if you weren't wearing flared gowns and skirts, you could be wearing a pencil skirt that reached your knee (unlike the outfits above). If you were to wear any sort of pants, they usually were high waist and had many front buttons, same goes for shorts.
These three outfits I found were each being sold on Etsy by this little lady here,
Now I'm not sure if she made these herself, but she and I both believe on keeping the true vintage look alive. Now these three outfits are what I chose to show the difference between the "vintage look of today" and the "true vintage look". And as you can see, big difference. Are the styles of today more based on the 60's? Lets see!
Again, keeping with the "vintage of the day" styles, the 60's are a wee bit closer to
what I see as today's vintage look. With the flower power beginning to 'blossom', people began buying all the floral they could find. A new style that was starting to change  was being skinny. Unlike the 40's and 50's, the 60's started to think being skinny was more feminine and sheik. So instead of focusing on your hips by having the pants or shorts higher waist, they now were just at your waist. Many skirts however, from what I saw, stayed at the high waist.
So I think as far as vintage styles go for today, I'd say there
ideas are.... 5/10. I give them this because I have had my moments where I have really liked the pastel colored dresses I see at Target or JCPenny. But there are other times where what's considered "vintage" just makes me terribly sad. They have made just too many whoopsi~daisies in their designs. Overall though, I am happy that essences of our past styles are returning. I just hope they get better at really making it look as if it were from those times.

Till next time!
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Friday, May 16, 2014

These are a few of my favorite things!


    We all have our simple pleasures, whether it be a sweet treat, a book, a certain song. We all have our top favorite things. And I thought about these, long and hard, and decided out of these categorizes, that these items are my top favorite things.

            I feel like I shouldn't apply "book" to one of my favorite things, because compared to some, I am just an amateur. A sad amateur. But out of the few books I've read, this one has blown all others away. This one even made me cry (that's how good it was)! Ladies and Gentlemen, "The Book Theif". I'll put a link for it's description at the bottom. But this book was a great read! I'm not a big reader as I said, so for me to say that I made it through this thick book, is a big deal! I highly recommend it to anyone and those of you who are deeply into World War Two.                   

               My guilty sweet tooth pleasure would have to be the classic chocolate chip cookie. I cannot resist them, and now that I've perfected my recipe I now can make them for myself.
 DANGER DANGER! I really try hard not to have them too often, but when I do I pig out I'm sad to say. But who really can resist these bad boys?

                Rain. Just give me a rainy day and I'm set. Something about that cool air and the smell of wet concrete just gives me goosebumps! And add my favorite chocolate chip cookies... sweet perfection!

              As a past Californian, I'd say one of my favorite places was Sacramento, the state capitol. With it's old brick buildings and cute knick knack shops full of nerdy goodies and vintage apparel, I'm in shopping heaven! Of course, my heart also clings to Disneyland. My inner child goes crazy there as a see all the characters! And who could forget the Indiana Jones ride!

             I have so many people I appreciate! Many though have passed on, though many still live on today such as my number one favorite human being, Paul McCartney. The bassist of the greatest band, The Beatles, and now a hero of rock n' roll music. I love him so much! If I'm not on a music streak, I'm appreciating the great actor, Tom Hiddleston! I've come to discover that not only is he extremely good with his acting, but also his personality. He's such a kind and amazing person, and I'd love to have him as a bff. As far as female role models go, my appreciation goes out to the true beauty, Audrey Hepburn. Not only did she teach us to love ourselves, but she also taught us what true beauty is. Being a humble servant to mankind by donating your time to helping others.

     Some of the best things I've been privileged to see are small things. Things people wouldn't normally call amazing. Ex. I've seen was a kind act done by a middle aged man. He pulled over to the curb to help some struggling ducklings up to the sidewalk to their mother. The ducklings chirped to the man as he picked each one up. Now this sounds like a small thing, but in this world, it's a huge thing to see someone do a small act of kindness.
         I love the sound of rain. As I said before, I do love rain and the sound of it is so soothing. I also love the sound of our old house fan. It too was a soothing sound and was a great sound muffler during the night.

     One thing about the human species that I love so much is how we all hold little things like this, so close to us. We smile at these little things, because to us, these things bring back or hold special memories or feelings. Thus giving us a feeling of calmness, or excitement, or true happiness. I've read about a man living in a retirement home. His communications and emotions were very closed off from the staff. People gave him desserts and other treats to get him out of his very down attitude. But not until they gave him his own MP3 player with his personal favorites, that he began perking up. His eyes lit up as the music played through the headphones. He began singing along and he began speaking more to the staff. So like I've said before, enjoy the little things. Share your likes with others and lighten up others' days.

The Book Thief:

Thursday, May 15, 2014

Times like these.

   Lately I've been undergoing something I'd like to call my "Insane Brain,". During this time, my mind is thrown through three different thinking processes. One being my mature side, two being my scared side, and one being my quitter side. As the mature side tries to perk everyone else up, trying to pre-pair  them for those big life moments, my other two sides crank up the confusion. Thus releasing total madness.

    And I think my biggest fear of right now is age. I'm caught in a game of tug-of-war with my innocent young self pleading me to stay where it's safe and familiar. While grown up me is tugging me to began my life and try new things. While me in the middle is ripping in the middle.                                  
I find myself always pondering either side. And I think for many in my age bracket,
this is a huge issue. We long for freedom, but when the road seems unfamiliar, we run back for cover. For many of my friends, this doesn't seem to be an issue. So I am trapped in my little bubble, unable to share my inner feelings. And as far as family goes, they're no help either. Because of this "insane brain", your family is unfamiliar, your issues from when you were 5 are far different now.
And that's were I stop thinking. My nerves go spiral in my noggin, and
I'm realizing that I've thought about age far too hard. I'm not sure if others get this way, I assume so. Though we are all different, we all share the struggles of change. And overtime, we overcome the change. We overcome the fear of that change.
I feel that if I focused on all the change that's happened in my life I'd
be in one of those big white squishy rooms while I'm strained up. This just goes to show that I am one that over thinks to much. I'm also one who is not good with change. For example. I was horribly saddened when the Trix cereal was changed from flower shapes to circles.
Yeah it's sad.
One way that I've gotten over this aging~change is my sisters. Being
the middle child, I have both an older sister to share more mature moments with, while I'm still able to watch my childhood cartoons with my little sister. I also have found another way to look at this change. I've decided to appreciate the moment, and not let this chapter of my life fly by. For those of you reading this, and who are feeling the same way, just know you're not alone. We're both feeling it right now, and it is a bummer. But let's both work on improving that. And find the good stuff of being our age.