Thursday, September 11, 2014

Seriously.. what happened?

      So has anyone noticed the funk our generation  has dug America into? With our dresses only covering as much as a shirt, our insane prices on things, our music with it's horrid lyrics and beat, it just goes on and on. Now I know it's not only our generation that these factors apply. If you go back into the 90's, 80's, 70's, 60's, it still shows. But notice the actions have increased way more in this time than back then.

      So my question is, what happened!? My thoughts take us to where I think it first started, the 1920's. A revolution of the first teen revolts. They revolted on clothing, ripping and trimming their traditional long gowns along with their long hair. Girls wanted more, to be apart of the fun and filth the men had at local bars and gang groupings. That's another thing that began, gangs. More violence, robberies, lack of respect toward the private property.

     Let's fast forward 30 years after WWII, where the 50's began to sprout. After years of wars, America was ready to re-start. Companies grew, businesses began making "want" items like, televisions, fridges, ovens, drive in's, fast food, themeparks. It was a time of pleasures and wants, easy living since the times of war. Teens had become more loose since the 20's, street racing began, drugs, early drinking. Though for today their clothing seemed modest and very cute, back then it was still a shock to the older community who had grown in the 20's or 10's.

    Ten years later and we approach the 60's. Now as much as I love this time period, believing that it was the seed of all things good, it surely wasn't. Teens continued to revolt, and drugs had reached a higher market than ever before. Schools and private properties were vandalized. Dresses had become tighter and shorter, sending the now openness of sex-appeal. And this is what I believe was the worst crime overall, the disrespect of soldiers. Now though many back then and today disagree on the whole Vietnam War, I still believe that it is our duty, as Americans, to honor our troops despite our opinions, these are men and women risking their lives for ours and other's freedom.

     The 70's were along the same boat as the 60's, so no need to review that chapter. But lets skip ahead to the 80's. Now by this time, teens were loose. Feeling that they were adults, they made adult decisions. The 50's is were it began and carried on. Teen pregnancy. A thing which still carries on today, a little too much.  Clothing of this time carried on the short style of the 60's, revealing more and more skin. Also, this is were the music gets bad.. By this time, rap music was now a thing to listen to. Though rap was only a mere catchy beat and about three guys yelling to it, it really had no outstanding qualities or words. But when the 90's came, we took it to a whole new level.

    The 90's. A great time, but a bad one as well. Television began showing more PG-13 shows, sending the violence, adult themes, and other bad influences to the young innocent eyes of kids. Though not all parents just openly watched these programs, back in these days, childlock was not an item among the 6 channeled television. Giving an open eye to anything. Getting back to the music factor, rap and loud mouthed pop songs began hitting the charts, giving teens horrible words to hear and influence their lives. And of course, drugs, drinking, pregnancies, disrespect, and vandalism were all still kept well intact with the teen world.

                               Which brings us to today. Now we know what happened.
  • We lost innocence: giving into the world of sexual clothing, looks and tackiness.
  • We lost discipline: falling into the pit of low punishment for bad behavior and actions.
  • We lost our health: loosing ourselves to drugs, drinking, and moral.
  • We lost our modesty: openly giving our love and gifts to anyone.
  • We lost our respect: toward our soldiers, families, and country.
  • We lost ourselves: not remembering the founders and challenges of forming America.

      It makes me sad to see these topics. A once great nation, brought down to such disrespect from it's youth. Being a teenager of America used to be a good thing. Being a teenager in general used to be a good thing. But now, I am embarrassed to be labeled as one. To be in the same age bracket as these gang members, disrespectful girls, and just immature people. I do not hat being an American though, for I know what was done to form this great country, and I am very honored to be apart of it. But I ask those who are reading this, please, please, please reconsider yourself. The world is sick of these poor acts, we're all tired of seeing these rapes, murders, crimes on television. We're tired of hearing the bad words on the radio.

    As the youth of America, we hold the future, and we desperately need to fix this problem now before it is to late. So don't give into the junk of today, rise above it ad be the better teen.

(Now, for those of you who disproved of my write, that is fine. We all hold difference in opinion. And for those of you who are hating on me for hating on rap. Well fix the lyrics of todays rap and I'll be more up to caring about it. And for those of you who are under hard times, dealing with someone or you yourself who is under drugs or alcohol or had been through a teen pregnancy, please don't feel like I am hating on you. I know that hard times or experiences happen, and sometimes it's just to much for us teens to handle. Please know that I couldn't hate you! What I hate is how teen pregnancy, drug addicts and drunks are displayed so fondly on television. Though pregnancies are a great thin, it is not okay to promote teens to do that. We are too young to have to live our lives as parents already! Or to be in jail for drugs or alcohol.)
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