Friday, October 3, 2014

The Book Thief (Film)

         For those of you who haven't read, "The Book Theif," I do warn you to stop reading. This is a review and my thoughts on the film,
and though the film and movie are a wee different, I still don't want to spoil anything that this amazing story has to offer. If you are interested in knowing about the film or book, here is a link:

I'm not very sure how many of you reading this have actually read this amazing book.
But for those of you who have, I hope you are fully aware that they've made a film of it! I was a bit skeptical about it. Because if you're like me, you crave perfection in these films. After reading such a powerful book, you have these images in your head of what you want, how you want it, and in short, you've written the film in your head. And again, if you are like me, and your ideas are not up to standards with how the film portrayed the book, your brain just turns to hate.
In this case, I was looking for everything. I wanted exactly what i imagined in my head to come
true. And though the film did leave out a few things, I was just as amazed with the film than with the book. The characters fit and the story still hung strong.
I never like to admit being wrong, though I have had to a lot of times. And I am now having to
say it again, I was wrong. Before I had seen the film, I had every intention of being a snob and sticking my nose up at it. Claiming that the book is far more superior than it's film. But frankly, I was wrong.  It was a perfect cast and beautiful set. All bringing togetherthe story of Liesel. And even down to the voice of Death, they nailed it.
And my last rant before watching the movie is that I swore it wouldn't make me cry as hard as
the book did. ...... Again, and again, I was wrong. Thankfully my friend had recently bought me some tissues and now they are gone. For some of you, maybe you got through this film without crying, but this story hits me hard every time. Whether I be reading it or watching it, "The Book Thief," shall remain on of my favorites for a long, long time.
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