Friday, May 16, 2014

These are a few of my favorite things!


    We all have our simple pleasures, whether it be a sweet treat, a book, a certain song. We all have our top favorite things. And I thought about these, long and hard, and decided out of these categorizes, that these items are my top favorite things.

            I feel like I shouldn't apply "book" to one of my favorite things, because compared to some, I am just an amateur. A sad amateur. But out of the few books I've read, this one has blown all others away. This one even made me cry (that's how good it was)! Ladies and Gentlemen, "The Book Theif". I'll put a link for it's description at the bottom. But this book was a great read! I'm not a big reader as I said, so for me to say that I made it through this thick book, is a big deal! I highly recommend it to anyone and those of you who are deeply into World War Two.                   

               My guilty sweet tooth pleasure would have to be the classic chocolate chip cookie. I cannot resist them, and now that I've perfected my recipe I now can make them for myself.
 DANGER DANGER! I really try hard not to have them too often, but when I do I pig out I'm sad to say. But who really can resist these bad boys?

                Rain. Just give me a rainy day and I'm set. Something about that cool air and the smell of wet concrete just gives me goosebumps! And add my favorite chocolate chip cookies... sweet perfection!

              As a past Californian, I'd say one of my favorite places was Sacramento, the state capitol. With it's old brick buildings and cute knick knack shops full of nerdy goodies and vintage apparel, I'm in shopping heaven! Of course, my heart also clings to Disneyland. My inner child goes crazy there as a see all the characters! And who could forget the Indiana Jones ride!

             I have so many people I appreciate! Many though have passed on, though many still live on today such as my number one favorite human being, Paul McCartney. The bassist of the greatest band, The Beatles, and now a hero of rock n' roll music. I love him so much! If I'm not on a music streak, I'm appreciating the great actor, Tom Hiddleston! I've come to discover that not only is he extremely good with his acting, but also his personality. He's such a kind and amazing person, and I'd love to have him as a bff. As far as female role models go, my appreciation goes out to the true beauty, Audrey Hepburn. Not only did she teach us to love ourselves, but she also taught us what true beauty is. Being a humble servant to mankind by donating your time to helping others.

     Some of the best things I've been privileged to see are small things. Things people wouldn't normally call amazing. Ex. I've seen was a kind act done by a middle aged man. He pulled over to the curb to help some struggling ducklings up to the sidewalk to their mother. The ducklings chirped to the man as he picked each one up. Now this sounds like a small thing, but in this world, it's a huge thing to see someone do a small act of kindness.
         I love the sound of rain. As I said before, I do love rain and the sound of it is so soothing. I also love the sound of our old house fan. It too was a soothing sound and was a great sound muffler during the night.

     One thing about the human species that I love so much is how we all hold little things like this, so close to us. We smile at these little things, because to us, these things bring back or hold special memories or feelings. Thus giving us a feeling of calmness, or excitement, or true happiness. I've read about a man living in a retirement home. His communications and emotions were very closed off from the staff. People gave him desserts and other treats to get him out of his very down attitude. But not until they gave him his own MP3 player with his personal favorites, that he began perking up. His eyes lit up as the music played through the headphones. He began singing along and he began speaking more to the staff. So like I've said before, enjoy the little things. Share your likes with others and lighten up others' days.

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