Saturday, May 17, 2014

Keeping it Vintage.

       From what society says, apparently vintage clothing is coming back in style. And by vintage, they mostly mean a 50's style of fashion. I've seen a few things in stores that do have a very vintage feel to them, but then I see things like this:


Now these outfits are all things I could see in Forever21s, or just on younger

ladies of today. These would be labeled vintage, but to me they are far from it. Though they contain an essence of a 50's style gown or pattern, they are nothing like the original 50's or 60's gowns. In the 50's, the style was quite diverse from the 40's. Instead of tight fitted gowns, they moved onto very widened skirted gowns. They usually added an underskirt to add more volume to their gowns. This emphasized their hip shape and tightened their waist. And if you weren't wearing flared gowns and skirts, you could be wearing a pencil skirt that reached your knee (unlike the outfits above). If you were to wear any sort of pants, they usually were high waist and had many front buttons, same goes for shorts.
These three outfits I found were each being sold on Etsy by this little lady here,
Now I'm not sure if she made these herself, but she and I both believe on keeping the true vintage look alive. Now these three outfits are what I chose to show the difference between the "vintage look of today" and the "true vintage look". And as you can see, big difference. Are the styles of today more based on the 60's? Lets see!
Again, keeping with the "vintage of the day" styles, the 60's are a wee bit closer to
what I see as today's vintage look. With the flower power beginning to 'blossom', people began buying all the floral they could find. A new style that was starting to change  was being skinny. Unlike the 40's and 50's, the 60's started to think being skinny was more feminine and sheik. So instead of focusing on your hips by having the pants or shorts higher waist, they now were just at your waist. Many skirts however, from what I saw, stayed at the high waist.
So I think as far as vintage styles go for today, I'd say there
ideas are.... 5/10. I give them this because I have had my moments where I have really liked the pastel colored dresses I see at Target or JCPenny. But there are other times where what's considered "vintage" just makes me terribly sad. They have made just too many whoopsi~daisies in their designs. Overall though, I am happy that essences of our past styles are returning. I just hope they get better at really making it look as if it were from those times.

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