Monday, November 23, 2015


I close my eyes as the coolness of evening brushes my checks,
a hush of leaves rustle above me, they fall slowly, twinkling down like fallen stars.
Darkness peers it's way from the east, sending a faint and shocking breeze of cold air.
My eyes, still closed. I listen, and shiver, as this coldness covers me.

A thickness of cloud and nightfall mash together in the sky,
blues and blacks intertwine as one, I hear them and their deep tones.
As the sky blends in deep tunes, I feel that coldness once again slam against my bare skin.
I look down, one by one, drops paint the sidewalk by my feet, dark speckles.

The sidewalk wears its freckles as they drop upon me.
I take a deep breathe, inhaling the sweetness of the sharp cold air.
The smell of wet pavement and the feeling of wet sparks striking my senses,
I shiver from the rain and exhale; my breathe leaving me like smoke.

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