Friday, August 7, 2015

The Vintage Geek (#2)

     Since my last "Vintage Geek" post did so well, I've decided to do yet another one. The last three outfits were all based off girls of the video game world. Each coming from a totally different gaming station, game genre, and overall style. This time, I tried yet again to capture those different features with this theme. Our Vintage Geek theme this go'round is,
"Girls from the world of Hayao Miyazaki"
   I've always LOVED these films and the characters are all different and fun. Hayao has been able to capture so much within his characters, that I couldn't resist trying to create a modern outfit for these three girls. All are bright and different, and each capture a vintage touch as well as capturing the character's film.
First is Sophie from the film Howl's Moving Castle. She is a quiet and very modest
young hatter and doesn't seek very much out of life. But through the film, she finds herself wound up into a huge and magical adventure. I decided to give her a more cute-sy approach, finding a dress near the same shade of green; a pair of leather pumps (she originally had leather boots); and of course I had to add her straw hat. The dress itself is styled in the times of 1960, and is fairly shorter than Sophie's actual dress, it also has a rounded collar. For alittle flair, I put Howl's ring as her jewelry piece.

           Next is Mei from My Neighbor Totoro. She is the younger sister to Suzuki and the first of the two of them to see and meet the great Totoro. With her curious nature and playfulness, I decided to stay very true to what she already had. Unlike Sophie, I kept all lengths the same and I tried very hard to keep it matching. Mei's short overall skirt is by far one of my favorite items among all three of these outfits. It has a 1950's flair and playful bright colors. And like the last outfit, I added a fun piece of jewelry to really show some of the characters essence. I added a little acorn charm to resemble the acorns Mei received from Totoro as a gift.

Princess Mononoke is our last for this set of outfits. This one I could
see being warn at a beach or some place cooler. I love the colors that Mononoke has and if it was normal looking I would wear her mask with this outfit! But sadly you may get some looks. I found an old white wool sweater to represent her white fluffy shirt and hood. I went with purple shorts to represent the skirt and lastly, I added some soft red converse to add some red into the outfit (since she had red in her mask and face makeup). And last, for it's fun jewelry piece I added a wood piece necklace to keep her woodsy feel.
Hope you enjoyed these! Comment below and tell me your favorite!
Or let me know which theme we should do next!
Till next write,

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