Tuesday, February 24, 2015

The Vintage Geek (#1)

    So I'm not sure how many of you out there have seen these "Disney Bound" outfits around Pinterest and other websites, but for those who aren't sure of what these are, I'll update you real quick. So DisneyBound is, from what I'm understanding, an organization that creates outfits including accessories and bases them off of Disney characters. These outfits sometimes turn out pretty good, which inspired me to create some to share with you.

     If you've seen my other blogs, you may have noticed I'm a bit of a fangirl when it comes to gaming, comics, animes and other things of these genres. And, as you've seen on this blog, I'm very much into all things vintage and classic. So, it just seemed suiting that I mash the two together and give you some vintage outfits inspired by all things geeky. I hope to continue this series (The Vintage Geek) if you all enjoy it, and with each new write, I will conduct a series of new vintage geeky outfits. This first collection, however, is based off the ladies of the gamer world!


I was going for a fifties theme. Between the skirt and the shoes, however, the over
all style leaned more toward the forties. (Between the shoes and the skirt.) Overall, this would be a perfect outfit for any vintage or Kingdom Hearts fan.

For this outfit, there are two vintage aspects here. The game, and the look. As I searched
through several dresses for Ms.Pacman, all I could think of was the bright yellow rain coats that they wore in Singing in the Rain. And just looking at the hood alone, I can already see Ms.Pacman's mouth! The rain boots and bow added that finished touch to that classic look.

And lastly, Princess Zelda. A favorite of mine with a prominent purple dress.
It was quite easy to find a good shade of purple for the gown, and the rest of the accessories all followed along. With a gold chained belt, a hint of blue in the ring, and that symbolic tri-force ring, it's an easy outfit for the Zelda lover.
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