Thursday, December 11, 2014

Christmas Time Blues...

     Now, I know that Christmas is a time of cheer and giving. But are there any of you out there who are feeling a bit lonely on Christmas? Like, for some reason you're just not feeling that *poof* of magic Christmas air or something. It is shown in so many movies and t.v. commercials, the perfect Christmas. And though I am a very lucky and fortunate person who can enjoy Christmas with the family, I still feel like Charlie Brown.
And even in the Charlie Brown episode, Lucy, one of the kids, tells him that the only way to
get out of his holiday gloom is to become more involved with a Christmas project. So I have, and I actually have for many years at my church. But instead of feeling helpful, I get anxious and dread the performances I help out at.
So I look at the other Christmas traditions. Maybe I feel lonely cause I'm single, but then
again, I don't have much interest in the whole Christmas couple bit, though I do hate having the constant flair in my face from friends.
I think what I'm facing is age. I've been shot with the needle of reality, seeing what Christmas
brings out in the young adult life. Froo~froo romance, expensive gifts, over the top stress giving Christmas shows, and overall the loss of Christmas excitement.
But this is what I think I've learned from these Christmas time blues, I've fallen into
the trap of man-maid happiness. The false screen that shows us pictures of gifts under the tree, the hungry child devouring to open them. And of course, they receive a toy, or a game system, or some item of current desire. And this goes for adults too. One minute this gift is just pure and utter bliss, but in a few months, years, that gift is given away, broken, not worth looking at. These are gifts only a man can give.
The true happiness that I'm expecting, is only from one gift.
And the true meaning of Christmas.... 
I know now, that I've been missing the true meaning, and that is why I've been so
disappointed like a greedy little child every year. I can't expect such a high from mere manmade gifts. For the true gift is worth more, and never runs out, never leaves you bored, and will always fulfill your needs. And that's what I needed this Christmas.
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