Monday, August 11, 2014

I need to see Paris.

    I never realized it till about a few seconds ago that many of my beloved books, movies, and music comes from Paris. Through the screen of my television, I see only a square of a great city. It's lights, it's people, it's culture. I long to know why we see Paris as such a place of love, only a true Frenchman could tell me why. Or why the accordion is so connected to the sound of Paris. I could Google these questions, but I feel like I wouldn't get a satisfying answer; these things come from the people,  not a computer.

      It's strange the feelings I get when I look at Paris. Sometimes I feel like a hopeless romantic, awaiting a night on the town. Other times I feel as though I should run to my kitchen, blasting accordion music and creating boeuf bourguignon. But all of these feelings are caused by what I've seen of France, I see cooks, lovers, artists, creepy characters and detectives from the 60's. Sorry if you're French. But it's just like how we envision any place, such as New York. I've never been there, but I can imagine it being smoky, noisy, busy, but full of good shops, clothing, and people. I also imagine New York as a place of American History and leadership.

   So you see, we are all stereotyped from what we see most of our cultures. But why is it that I cling to France? Someday I hope to find out. As I've heard in an Audrey Hepburn film, I am never to carry a brief case or umbrella through Paris, and I'm to get myself some good light rain because that's when Paris smells it's sweetest.

   I've decided to do as she says, but I also long to create my own list for a first timer in Paris...

                         1.  Walk through Paris in the rain, wearing a thick coat and scarf.

                                                 2.Go down one of Paris's waterways.
                    3. Parade down the Daru Staircase like Audrey Hepburn did in Funny Face.

                                                      4. Watch an old French film.

                                                5. Paint at least once while you're there

                                               6.Say "Bonjour," to at least one stranger.

                                                      7.Stay somewhere with a balcony.
                                        8.Take a photo with at least one of the statues there.
                                                        9.Listen to an accordion player.
                                                      10.Go up the Eiffel tower at night.
Maybe someday I'll be able to pursue this list, or maybe one of you out there can achieve it
first. But for now, maybe I'll continue to add to this list, or maybe I'll be drawn to a whole new city, for now though, this is where I long to be!
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